Industrial Electrical Systems

Industrial electrical systems are the complex of electrical components that power different devices (from lighting to heating from security systems to home automation) for the proper functionality of a large industrial space (e.g., warehouses, supermarkets, etc.), a museum space, or a company.

Industrial electrical systems compared to civil (or residential) ones are more complex because they are needed for the proper functionality of machinery and devices that are generally more articulated, consist of more components, and require greater reliability and durability.

 To ensure that an industrial electrical system is reliable, efficient, and safe, it is essential to have quality materials, careful design, standardized implementation of all its components, and a team of highly experienced and properly trained professionals.

Since 2003, ArmonicaTech has been combining the skills acquired in the fields of engineering and architecture to create state-of-the-art and customized industrial electrical systems.

Having established itself in the Italian and international market, it is able to meet the most complex needs of companies and industries with innovative solutions, thanks to a technical team that is constantly updated in the field of home automation, building automation, energy efficiency of electrical and digital systems and fiber optic networks.

Applications of industrial electrical systems

The fields of application of industrial electrical systems are many and often interconnected.

  • Illumination has the function of making the work or recreational space more functional from an aesthetic and practical point of view.
  • Safety systems must ensure a high sense of risk and damage prevention. They are divided into anti-intrusion systems and hazard detection systems (fire, flooding, earthquake).
  • The multimedia area enables connection within the company and with the outside world through audio/video projection, data transmission and sound broadcasting.
  • Industrial domotics integrates different systems so that all components of the plant converge to a “central brain” that monitors and regulates the various functions.

Implementation of industrial electrical systems – lighting engineering with Strip Led Lights @Expo Luxottica

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Realization of industrial electrical installations – Go Kart Track Lighting.

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Industrial electrical illumination systems

Illumination of large industrial spaces, both outdoor and indoor, makes spaces functional and ensures:

  • an effective definition of the visual task, according to environment and activity;
  • a correct level of illuminance (prescribed by standard and required by the client);
  • a pleasant shade of light;
  • a reduction in disturbing glare;
  • a good value for money.

Discover the ArmonicaTech project carried out for the Arianna s.r.l. Kart track.

The Illumination system also plays a key role in large events and exhibition halls as it allows to reinforce the brand Identity of companies, create real scenographies, and emphasize the focal points of the location (discover the project carried out by ArmonicaTech for Black DWC in Saudi Arabia).

Industrial domotic systems

An industrial domotic system makes the dialogue between different devices interactive, such as:

  • security systems, from intrusion detection systems to hazard detection systems;
  • the ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • the heating system;
  • the Internet and Intranet connection.

Implementation of domotic industrial electrical systems – Domotic showroom system with control of security, heating and energy-saving systems via K-blue interface

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Construction of industrial electrical systems – Maintenance of multimedia systems University of Turin – UniTo
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Implementation of industrial electrical systems – Installation of video projection equipment at the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum

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Multimedia industrial electrical systems

For up-to-date and functional companies, museum spaces and classrooms dedicated to education, it is essential to install customized multimedia industrial electrical systems that create a connection between the users (find out about the project ArmonicaTech carried out for Bormioli Pharma at the Messe Frankfurt exhibition grounds).

Multimedia systems integrate:

  • video projection and video management;
  • streaming to social media (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) or
  • multiplatform;
  • wireless presentation and collaboration solutions for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android systems;
  • video conferencing systems for meeting rooms;
  • public address and wire broadcasting systems;
  • centralized distribution of audio and video content;
  • installations with interactive touch and augmented reality technology;
  • installations for Digital Signage and information monitors.

    The areas in which multimedia technology industrial electrical technology installations can be applied are plentiful, from convention halls to auditoriums, from shopping malls to museums, from theaters to classrooms.

    For museum installations, events and temporary exhibitions, it is very important to emphasize the aesthetic and scenic aspect, to make the exhibition easily usable and impressive. Discover the projects carried out by ArmonicaTech for Euphon Communication SpA at the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum in Milan and for Simmetrico s.r.l for the Astana exhibition pavilion in Kazakhstan..

    In the field of education it is necessary to provide:

    • the installation and configuration of Interactive and Multimedia Whiteboards;
    • the installations for classrooms with remote educational conduct.

    Check out the project that ArmonicaTech has carried out for UniTo classrooms.

    Industrial electrical safety systems

    Security systems for companies need customized design because an industrial facility is generally composed of environments and spaces with different security needs. They must also ensure special attention to the privacy of workers and external users.

    The main systems that can be installed in an industrial space are:

    • video surveillance and intrusion detection systems;
    • video intercom and access control systems;
    • fire, flood and shock detection systems.



    RealRealization of industrial electrical installations – Security system


    Realization of industrial electrical systems – Installation for company show room of photovoltaic panels to reduce electricity supply costs

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    Industrial photovoltaic electrical systems

    The installation of industrial photovoltaic electrical systems provides many benefits that apply to different areas:

    • lowering energy costs;
    • optimization of production costs;
    • energy storage during the sunniest hours;
    • production of clean and environmentally sustainable energy.

    In the face of an initial investment that can be significant, the cost-effectiveness is undeniable and stems from different components:

    • self-consumption: it is less and less the share of energy that the company has to buy from the distribution network;
    • feed-in: the stored energy can be sold to the distributor;
    • depreciation and bonuses: there are many possibilities to deduct PV installation costs (from regional calls to national bonuses).

    Check out the project that ArmonicaTech created for Doppler s.r.l

    Connecting photovoltaics to a technological industrial electrical system makes it possible to keep an eye on activity, consumption of the various company departments, energy storage, and immediately detect any system malfunction.

    why prefer a technological industrial electrical system to a standard one?

    A technological industrial electrical system is an integrated system that connects different systems together, with the aim of providing greater control of the system and programming the operation (on, off, modulation) of different devices independently.

     A technological system simultaneously manages , through a controller, different systems such as air conditioning, gas, electricity, water, televisions, fiber optics, telephone, security systems, and more.

    The system interfaces with a controller through which the user can also intervene remotely to change default settings.

    What are the advantages of choosing a technological electrical system?

    Technological industrial electrical systems allow a company to take advantage of great benefits related to several areas:

    • economic, through increased efficiency in electricity consumption, reduced energy waste, and incentives and depreciation;
    • comfort, through remote management;
    • safety, through automatic detection of anomalies and malfunctions:
    • durability of the various devices;
    • environmental, as energy consumption can be optimized, energy and resource leakage reduced, and CO2 emissions lowered.

      What is our working method for industrial electrical installations?

      ArmonicaTech is a company specializing in the design and installation of technological industrial and civil electrical systems, with many years of experience locally and internationally and a team of highly skilled and certified professionals. It offers a customized proposal according to the needs of each client.


      ArmonicaTech works in close synergy with its clients from the very first meeting. Thanks to a vast portfolio of work carried out over the years, it can best tell the advantages of choosing a technological electrical system and the endless possibilities of implementing a combined system of systems that intelligently talk to each other, precisely to meet the specific needs of each industrial reality.


      The design work is often supervised by an architect, who can interface directly with ArmonicaTech to better manage the most technical aspects and with the client to be able to account for the continuation of the work.

      To show the design, graphical drawings are produced with a CAD model where diagrams of all the systems are represented.


      ArmonicaTech is in charge of all the installation of the technological electrical system within the company, directing the work of all the professionals involved.

      ArmonicaTech works with plumbing, lighting, and electrical professionals who are particularly familiar with domotic and industrial technology systems, and can be included within the installation team.


      ArmonicaTech installers will be the first to enter the company at the start of work to assess the feasibility of all project details and any critical issues to be handled in consultation with professionals and the client. They will also be the last to leave the company at the end of the work, to make sure that all devices and technical equipment are properly installed and to verify the functionality of the system.

      ArmonicaTech will be the one to hand over all the control devices to the client and explain the possibilities they offer in modulating the activities of all the systems connected to the system.

      Why choose our industrial electrical systems?

      Businesses, commercial and recreational or educational spaces need ad hoc design of technological electrical systems according to different parameters, such as square footage, room division, function of spaces, intended users within the facility.

      The entire ArmonicaTech team, from designers to installers, has gained special experience in the head of industrial electrical systems over the years. The company also continuously trains its technicians to stay up-to-date on the latest control systems. 

      It is Extron and QSC certified, certifications for programming multimedia, audio video systems (particularly used in museums, education and conference rooms). 

      It can boast KNX certificates, the first open building automation standard, approved as a European standard, and K-blue certificates, which is a domotic building automation control system.

      armonica-tech- Impianti elettrici industriali -civili-certificati Extron Certified
      armonica-tech- Impianti elettrici industriali -civili-certificati Extron Certified
      armonica-tech- Impianti elettrici industriali -civili-certificati Extron Certified
      armonica-tech- Impianti elettrici industriali -civili-certificati Extron Certified

      Our Certifications in the field of industrial electrical installations

      In addition to its historical headquarters in Piedmont, ArmonicaTech has facilities in Dubai, where, thanks to the experience gained over the years and an increasing knowledge of the standards in force in the United Arab Emirates, it has established itself in the field of technologic installations

      Some of our realizations of industrial electrical installations

      A selection of projects implemented by Harmonica. Find out what technological solutions were adopted.

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