Type of intervention

Multimedia Systems Installation @Doha Expo 2023

Multimedia Systems Installation @Doha Expo 2023

Client Request

Our client entrusted us with the technical design and selection of the best products, both economically and qualitatively, for the installation of Audio, Video, and Lighting systems for the GCC pavilion at Expo 2023.


Pavilion GCC – Expo 2023

Doha, Qatar – 2023

Main contractor:
Simmetrico Operations DWC LLC

Installazione impianti multimediali @Museo STEP

Proposed Solution

We analyzed the initial project provided by the client and collaborated with their team of designers and graphic artists to propose alternative technological materials. The goal was to reduce the budget while maintaining high product quality. We developed new functional diagrams to verify connection feasibility and analyzed the technical characteristics of the chosen materials. After confirming that our proposal met the client’s expectations in terms of final design and interactions, we ensured project feasibility with a significant reduction in the initial budget for technology installations.


Armonica designed and distributed the AVL signal system for the pavilion’s technologies. We handled the installation and configuration of LED screens, interactive monitors, and sensors required for interactions, as well as the programming of the DALI system for lighting control of the Exhibit. Our Italian technicians closely collaborated with local technicians for the technology installation and cable laying, ensuring a seamless and functional integration.

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