Civil electrical systems

The civil electrical system is the set of all household electrical components that enables the dissemination of electricity within a home that is either connected to the grid or connected to photovoltaic and other renewable-powered systems for self-generation of energy.

Home electrical systems can connect different devices together in a way that provides greater comfort to the inhabitants of the home, including the ability to modulate all systems remotely.

The installation of the electrical system should be studied at the same time as the construction or renovation of the house, to optimize the placement of cables, outlets, and hookups.

In addition, technological civil electrical systems, like industrial ones, must handle a significant amount of energy. Safety becomes crucial, and it is therefore essential to rely on a company with proven experience that can ensure “turnkey” service and provide solutions to prevent short circuits and power overloads.

Armonica Tech is a company specializing in the design and implementation of civil electrical systems and Smart Home, and has been serving customers looking for customized solutions for their homes since 2003. It offers high quality products, starting with the choice of materials, and innovative projects carried out thanks to its technical team, which is constantly updated in the field of domotic, building automation, and energy efficiency.

What are the applications of electrical technological systems

The fields of application of civil electrical systems are many and offer great benefits for the users of a home that becomes more safe, sustainable, and modern.

  • domotic (and Smart Home) automates the functionality of a home, such as scheduling the turning on and off of lights, automatic opening of blinds, adjusting the temperature room by room, scheduling the watering of the garden, allowing you to control, even remotely, different home devices, through the internet connection.
  • lighting should provide a homely and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring an adequate presence of light sources, but without being irritating to the eye.
  • security systems are divided into intrusion detection systems and hazard detection systems (fire, flood, earthquake).
  • photovoltaic systems make the home increasingly energy self-sufficient.

Civil electrical systems – domotic and Smart Home


Civil technological systems – remote controller

Civil electrical systems of domotic and Smart Home

The Smart Home and civil domotics can be understood as evolutions of home appliances using simple automation systems. A Smart home is able to integrate many functions and modulate their operation either through preset programming or through controllers that also operate remotely.

A Smart Home installation in one’s home offers multiple benefits:

  • comfort: it provides automation of many devices, programmed to activate based on preset scenarios (times, presence of people in rooms, natural light) or remotely.
  • safety: ensures a priority scale of the different systems, which in case of overload automatically disables some devices to ensure the operation of essential systems.
  • communication and control: connects devices through an internet connection for simultaneous management of all systems.
  • savings: allows controlled and judicious management of the various systems while offering a decrease in costs.

Civil electrical lighting systems

The design of the lighting system must ensure the correct amount of light while providing an effective and functional arrangement of light sources.

Lighting in homes also aims to enhance architectural details, such as vaults, frescoes and columns or objects and works of art, such as paintings and sculptures. Discover the project that ArmonicaTech has created for Palazzo Felizzano in Turin.

A technological lighting system allows to:

  • manage the operation of each individual lamp;
  • group them by room and adjust them according to the intended use of each room;
  • modulate switch-on, switch-off and intensity.
Installazione impianto di illuminazione a led @Palazzo Felizzano

Implementation of electrical civil lighting systems – Led lighting system installation @Palazzo Felizzano

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Construction of electrical civill installations – Lighting in private home @Sauze


Electrical civil systems – Video surveillance and intrusion detection systems


Electrical civil systems – Fire protection systems, smoke detection

Civil electrical security systems

Civil security systems are all the devices that make it possible to decrease or eliminate the risks of intrusions and unforeseen events that could endanger the inhabitants of a home, as well as protect and safeguard the privacy of the family.

Among the main devices that make up a security system are:

  • the burglar alarm system;
  • the video surveillance system;
  • the access control system.

One can also add (for completeness and in certain cases):

  • the fire-fighting system;
  • the anti-flooding system;
  • the anti-shock.

Technological security systems can also be controlled remotely via controllers and also allow to view from smartphones the recordings made by the video surveillance system and have control over the situation.

Photovoltaic civil electrical systems

Civil photovoltaic systems are residential installations that allow citizens to independently produce all or part of the electricity needed to operate all electrical and electronic devices in the home. Through photovoltaics, energy is automatically zero kilometer, and the cost associated with the system or excise duty is eliminated.

Installing a home photovoltaic system provides significant savings on the energy bill consequent to self-consumption of energy.

Extra income can also come from so-called “on-site exchange,” which is the ability to sell one’s surplus electricity to the public power grid.

See the project that ArmonicaTech implemented for a private home in Rivarolo (TO).

Impianto fotovoltaico e pompa di calore @villa impatto zero
Impianto fotovoltaico e pompa di calore @villa impatto zero Rivarolo

Implementation of photovoltaic electrical civil systems – Installation of photovoltaic system and heat pump @Villa zero impact Rivarolo

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Why prefer a technological civil electrical system to a standard one?

Typically, a home technology system consists of several devices that are integrated with each other and communicate to a “central brain” that can modulate, turn on and turn off the various systems.

Installing a technological electrical system in one’s home offers both functional and aesthetic advantages:

  • in both modern homes and period mansions, reducing the amount of wiring to be laid allows for easier installation and fewer traces in the walls;
  • comfort and freedom are provided by intelligent management of all systems through a controller and preset scenarios;
  • the controller works remotely through a simple internet connection and can be programmed to be very.

 ArmonicaTech has always worked in the field of civil domotics, using top of the line materials and products that are installed in homes and designing customized systems so as to ensure solutions to suit all needs.

What are the advantages in choosing a technological civil electrical system?

The advantages of implementing a Smart Home are many and aimed at improving the quality of life of those living in the home:

  • convenience: daily activities can be managed at the click of a button.
  • energy saving: the intelligent control of the various systems results in a prudent management of energy consumption, which can be increased thanks to the presence of an integrated photovoltaic system;
  • safety: a domotic home is safer and can be kept under control even remotely, ensuring diminution of the risk of intrusion, gas leaks, water leaks and fire;
  • the economic gain: energy efficiency leads to an economic return in the medium term through a reduction in the cost of utility bills, not to mention that connecting a home to the domotic system significantly increases the value of the property, which will moreover be assigned a higher energy class than a traditional home;
  • eco-sustainability: optimizing energy consumption results in a drastic reduction in wasted energy and resources and reduces CO2 emissions.

    What is our working method for civil electrical systems?

    Armonica Tech specializes in the design and installation of civil electrical systems and Smart Home, and thanks to a team of highly skilled and certified professionals can offer you a customized proposal for any type of home, whether new or under renovation.


    During your first meeting with Armonica Tech’s team of designers, you can view the portfolio of work performed over the years, to understand the benefits and possible solutions that a smart electrical system offers.


    Tell us in detail about your needs and desires; ArmonicaTech experts will recommend the ideal product for you.

    ArmonicaTech can recommend an architect who will supervise the work and can interface directly with the team of designers and installers to better manage the most technical aspects and be accountable to you for the continuation of the work.

    Through graphic drawings with a CAD model, schematics of all installations will be detailed so that everything can be viewed and screened by you.


    It will be the team of ArmonicaTech that will supervise all the details of the installation of the technological electrical system inside your home, directing the work of all the professionals involved. If plumbing work is necessary, it is essential that ArmonicaTech instructs the professionals on how to arrange the pipes and devices in the most functional way so that everything is efficient and easily connected to the electrical system.

    ArmonicaTech has always proposed among its most trusted plumbing professionals who are particularly familiar with domotic and civil technological systems.


    Armonica Tech’s team will assess the feasibility of all the details of the project and any critical issues that need to be handled and will make sure at the end of the work that all devices and technical equipment are properly installed and verify the functionality of the system.

     Finally, he will deliver you all the control devices explaining in detail the possibilities they offer in modulating the activities of all the systems connected to the system.

    Armonica Tech will also be your reference regarding the servicing of your Smart Home, so as to guarantee you support even in the long term, in addition to periodic checks, if necessary, of certain components and instruments.

    Why choose our civil electrical installations?

    The whole team of Armonica Tech, from designers to installers, has gained special experience in the field of civil electrical systems over the years, making Smart Home of different types and installing different types of electrical systems. The company also boasts a team of technicians in continuous training and updating, always informed about the latest control systems. 

    It is certified Extron and QSC (certifications for programming multimedia, audio and video systems), KNX (the first open building automation standard, approved as a European standard) and K-blue (domotic control system for building automation).

    armonica-tech- Impianti elettrici industriali -civili-certificati Extron Certified
    armonica-tech- Impianti elettrici industriali -civili-certificati Extron Certified
    armonica-tech- Impianti elettrici industriali -civili-certificati Extron Certified
    armonica-tech- Impianti elettrici industriali -civili-certificati Extron Certified

    Our Certifications in the field of electrical civil installations

    In addition to its historical headquarters in Piedmont, Armonica Tech has facilities in Dubai, where, thanks to the experience gained over the years and an increasing knowledge of the standards in force in the United Arab Emirates, it has established itself in the domotic and smart home sector.

    Some of our achievements of electrical civil and industrial installations

    A selection of projects implemented by Harmonica. Find out what technological solutions were employed.

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