Technological electrical systems

Technological electrical systems are defined as all electrical, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and water systems that operate through electronic technological devices.

The installation of a technological electrical system makes it possible to implement the efficiency of a traditional system and ensure increased energy savings, which translates into a significant economic and environmental benefit.

Technological systems also allow for greater comfort in managing daily activities and can connect many devices (devices or appliances) with each other, whose functions are modulated and monitored through software and even remotely.

In addition, electrical systems can be installed both in private homes and at the industrial level, but also for large museum installations, events and exhibitions.

ArmonicaTech is a company specializing in the design and implementation of technological electrical systems. Since 2003, it has been working in collaboration with major Italian and international companies to create state-of-the-art technological systems, as well as to create home installations that make life easier for those who use the spaces in their homes.

ArmonicaTech’s team is constantly updated in the field of domotic, building automation, and energy efficiency, and designs, builds, and installs technological electrical systems using high-quality, state-of-the-art products.

ArmonicaTech’s designers always suggest the most suitable solutions for specific needs to ensure maximum system efficiency, always putting the safety of those who use the rooms in the foreground.

It is always preferable to study the installation of the electrical system at the same time as the construction or renovation of the building, to optimize the positioning of cables, outlets and hookups.

What are the applications of electrical technological systems

The fields of application of electrical technological systems are many and offer great benefits:


Technological electrical systems – domotic and Smart Home


Electrical technological systems – remote controller

Electrical technological domotic and building automation systems.

They create technological solutions that can optimize, through automation, the functionality of a home (or business), such as programming the switching on and off of lights, the automatic opening of shutters, adjusting the temperature of rooms. 

It is also possible to control, even remotely, various household devices through the Internet connection.

Choosing to install a technological domotic system allows you to achieve many advantages: 

  • comfort: it is possible to turn on or off, even remotely, different devices, such as the lighting system, according to predefined times or based on the presence of people in the rooms.
  • safety: both in a home and in a company, the safety of people and spaces is fundamental; therefore, the technological system is designed in an “intelligent” way, guaranteeing a priority scale of the different systems and avoiding risks in case of overload.
  • communication and control: technological domotic connects devices together through an internet connection, so that the functionality and efficiency of all systems can be viewed in real time.
  • savings: technological domotic systems, thanks to a controlled and judicious management of the connected systems, offer a significant reduction in costs in the bill, which allows you to quickly amortize the investment of the installation of the system.

    Electrical technological lighting systems

    The lighting of private homes and businesses must ensure an adequate presence of light sources, which allows the rooms to be used comfortably whether they are dedicated to relaxation or work.

    Therefore, an effective lighting system requires technical and design expertise.

    Moreover, thanks to new technologies, it is possible to create a lighting system that allows increasingly smart functionality, such as

    • the management of each individual lamp independently;
    • the adjustment of light sources according to their intended use;

    the modulation of the intensity, switching on and off of lights according to preset scenarios or remotely via smartphone. Discover the project that ArmonicaTech created for Palazzo Felizzano in Turin.

    Installazione impianto di illuminazione a led @Palazzo Felizzano

    Implementation of electrical technological lighting systems – Led lighting system installation @Palazzo Felizzano

    Learn about the project


    Construction of electrical technological installations – Lighting in private home @Sauze


    Electrical technological systems – Video surveillance and intrusion detection systems


    Electrical technological systems – Fire protection systems, smoke detection

    Electrical technological security systems

    Security systems for homes and businesses can be made by including a great many elements, customizing the design according to different needs.

    From simple video intercoms to video surveillance, from alarm and intrusion detection systems to fire detection, the whole system provides ever-increasing access control in homes or industrial facilities to protect people, machinery and materials.

    In addition to intrusion detection systems, it is possible to connect to the technological electrical system all those systems that protect against risks:

    • the fire-fighting system;
    • the anti-flooding system;
    • the anti-shock system.

    Photovoltaic electrical technological systems

    Combining a technological electrical system with photovoltaics allows a home (or business) to become increasingly independent from the public power grid.

    During the day, photovoltaic panels capture solar energy and store energy in batteries that is then released as energy is needed.

    Unused energy is also sold to the distribution company, providing a major economic benefit.

    Installing a technology system integrated with a photovoltaic system allows all devices and appliances to be managed intelligently.

    This allows for judicious and scalable control of the various systems, which results in thoughtful management of energy consumption and thus significant economic savings and environmental benefit.

    Discover the project that ArmonicaTech has implemented for a Near Zero Emission Building in the province of Turin, Italy.

    Impianto fotovoltaico e pompa di calore @villa impatto zero
    Impianto fotovoltaico e pompa di calore @villa impatto zero Rivarolo

    Implementation of photovoltaic electrical technological systems – Photovoltaic system and heat pump @villa zero impact

    Learn about the project

    What is our working method for technological electrical systems?

    ArmonicaTech is a company specializing in the design and installation of technological electrical systems for companies, large events, and residential use.

    Its team of professionals is qualified and certified and has great expertise and experience in creating and implementing a customized project for each type of request.

    Why choose our technological electrical installations?

    ArmonicaTech’s team, from designers to installers, has gained special experience in the field of technological electrical systems over the years, realizing Smart Home, building automation systems and museum installations of different types.

    ArmonicaTech is also Extron and QSC certified (certifications for programming multimedia, audio and video systems), KNX (the first open building automation standard, approved as a European standard) and K-blue (domotic control system for building automation).

    armonica-tech- Impianti elettrici industriali -civili-certificati Extron Certified
    armonica-tech- Impianti elettrici industriali -civili-certificati Extron Certified
    armonica-tech- Impianti elettrici industriali -civili-certificati Extron Certified
    armonica-tech- Impianti elettrici industriali -civili-certificati Extron Certified

    Our Certifications in the field of electrical technological installations

    In addition to its historical headquarters in Piedmont, ArmonicaTech has facilities in Dubai, where, thanks to the experience gained over the years and an increasing knowledge of the standards in force in the United Arab Emirates, it has established itself in the field of technologic installations.

    Some of our achievements of electrical technological installations

    A selection of projects implemented by Harmonica. Find out what technological solutions were employed.

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